Greenline 39 Technical Specification

1x Volvo-Penta D3 220 HP

1x YANMAR 8LV-370 370 HP

Max. Berths: 4 + 3

Length: 11,99 m

Toilets/washrooms: 1

Beam: 3,75 m

Diesel tank: 700 l

Draft: 0,90 m

Water tank: 400 l

Air draft: 2,95 m

Black water tank: 80 l

Displacement Light: 7.500 kg

Diesel max range @ 7kts: 1000 Nm

Cabins: 2 + salonas

* Displacements are calculated with 50% fuel and water plus liferaft but with no optional equipment or other gear fitted.
** Depending on selected equipment and propulsion.
*** Maximum speeds will vary depending on cleanliness of hull, condition of stern gear, craft load, water and air temperatures, sea conditions and other factors. Speed estimates are therefore given in good faith but without any warranty or liability on the part of SVPA.
**** Data presented refers to lightcraft , standard equipped , E-drive version. This speed and range prediction should apply in ideal conditions with clean hull and propellers on controlled environment (salinity, viscosity and water temperature). Boat performance is sensitive to the list of options, consumables, liquids and people on board.
For more information and detailed standard specifications please contact your local dealer.


Greenline 39 all about sophistication in design, technology, production and environment. Thanks to dedicated engineers and designers, as well as experienced craftsmen skilled at latest technologies in boat building Greenline 39 has become one of the most popular boats in a short time.


Greenline 39 design profited from feedback of hundreds of users from all over the world. We improved every single point, from boarding the boat to hydrodynamics, from seaworthiness with low consumption to more speed and stability.


Following Greenline DNA and philosophy, the New Greenline 39 is paying respect to the environment, to other boaters and to ourselves. And it pays back with immeasurable satisfaction. With its open comfortable space and easy water access the new Greenline 39 is equally well suited for day trips as well as long cruises.

Greenline 39 Solar (2018) - Test Video

Greenline 39 Solar (2018) - Features Video


Your Comfort

It’s all about sophistication in design, technology, production and environmental friendly concept.

  • One level living concept makes the movement onboard the Greenline 39 safe and effortless
  • Solar panels and Air Conditioning in standard
  • City water connection connects the boat’s water system with the shore water grid – just like the electricity connected to shore power.
  • A remote-controlled, electrically opening and closing platform for easy water and dock access. Enlarging the lounge/cockpit area by 4 m2, this option creates the impression of a much more spacious boat.
  • The extended cabin roof gives full protection from the sun, rain or wind.

Your Experience

A single-engine double-cabin Greenline 39 of the new generation offers: more speed, more comfort, more convenience, better value at purchase, reduced cost of ownership

  • She sails without smoke, noise or waves in electric mode and drastically reduces the amount of fossil fuel used during a boating season at sea, on lakes or inland waterways.
  • Diesel or electric? Hybrid! All it takes is a flip of a switch to turn a diesel driven boat into full electric and back. Straightforward and simple.
  • 230 (120) VAC power at all times enables extensive use of domestic appliances and recreates the comfort of your own home: use of a refrigerator (there’s room for a 270-litre unit), a microwave oven, TVs and AC.


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